Posted by: fermoyweir | July 13, 2010

The late Pat Rice

The late Pat Rice

It was with great sorrow that we in Fermoy Rowing Club learned on Thursday that our dear friend Pat Rice had passed away. 
Last Sunday was the first time in many a year that Pat was in Fermoy for our Regatta. It was a beautiful day and Pat told us that he was delighted to see so many boats on the Blackwater river. Admiring the modern facilities of our Clubhouse, he joked that it was a long way indeed from the old tin hut he had trained in so many years ago.
Watching the races, Pat noted our old tradition of honouring our late members by naming boats after them, recognising the names of many old friends and recalling happy times past. Pat was especially happy to be at Fermoy Regatta to present a trophy to his nephew Liam. 
Pat rowed with Fermoy over forty years ago and his many friends from that time remember a kind, soft-spoken young man who was a determined and committed athlete. They recall a warm and decent friend who would always go out of his way to help people. He had, even then, the great generosity of spirit for which he would be known throughout his life.
The Greek Statesman Pericles wrote “that which you leave behind is not that which is engraved into stone monuments, but rather it is that which is woven into the lives of others”. Pat was an extraordinary man, an incredibly brave, selfless and tireless defender of other people and a man who leaves behind a remarkable legacy of courage, love and fearlessness in the pursuit of justice.
Pat stood on the balcony of our Clubhouse on Sunday, in the company of old friends, and he looked out at our river in the glorious sunshine. He told us that he was going to walk along the bank of the Blackwater one more time before he went home, because he didn’t know the next time he would have the chance to do so. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Fatima, and with his children Carlos, Amy and Blanco.
May Pat rest in peace.



  1. That is a lovely tribute. The quote could have been written for him. May he rest in peace.

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