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Avondhu Letters to the Editor 29/7/10


Dear Sir,

A few short years ago, we, as a group of concerned locals attempted to preserve traditional river rights against a very well planned attempt by others to exclude the public from waters below the weir.

We can assure you that the potential revenue from controlling and renting out salmon fishing is huge, that is why it is so contentious.

At the time we sought help from Fermoy Town Council as we were convinced that traditional use by the public over the generations ensured this asset belonged to the people of the town. The council, not having the backbone, chose collectively not to rock the boat, and for some reason would not question the individual’s claim to ‘title’.

As part of the claimant’s strategy four of us were selected for prosecution and in the Circuit Court in Mallow their barristers put us in a situation where we were given a choice of backing down or putting our family homes at risk. Needless to say we had no choice and left court that day with very bitter hearts.

Our case was genuine and it was taken at great cost to ourselves. Moral support from that spineless town council at the time would have ensured that at least the claimant’s ‘title’ would have been checked and the public’s traditional rights would be preserved.

It is now laughable to hear members of Fermoy Town Council proposing a ‘River Authority’ to manage an asset that we fought so hard (and thanks to them, failed) to preserve.

They talk of asking all river users to fund the repair of the weir (a structure that was ‘gifted’ to a foolish town council some years ago when imminent repair costs made it an albatross round the necks of the then owner).

We would suggest now that those who used the legal system of this country to get their hands on an asset of immeasurable value, foot the repair bill or return the asset to the people of the town so they may manage it to fund the maintenance of the weir, now and going into the future.

Martin O’Connor and Niall O Liathain.


Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to an article that was in your newspaper under the heading ‘Fermoy houses targeted by vandals’.

I am a resident of St Mary’s Terrace and have been for the last one and half years and have nothing but praise for the terrace and the people that live in it.

I would like to know what Cllr Colman’s agenda is all of a sudden by saying that the empty houses have become a target for antisocial behaviour? Anybody can come in to our terrace and walk up and down and not see one broken window or door. Some of the gardens are over grown in the empty houses but are kept fairly clean by the council staff.

While most of us living in the terrace would like to see the old houses being done up and given out and put to good use, we are happy enough with the proposed future developments, which we were told would take time.

Cllr Coleman, I would suggest for you to stop looking to justify your job in the council by trying to pick faults in our terrace, which don’t really exist and maybe use some of your time to help in solving the problem with the weir.

In two years time or five years time these houses will still be here finished or unfinished unlike the weir if ye don’t do something about it.

John Bowes,
St Mary’s Terrace,


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