Posted by: fermoyweir | September 16, 2010


A large crowd gathered on the bridge in Fermoy to watch as hundreds of salmon fought their way up over the weir as The Avondhu went to press this Wednesday. The amazing sight held many spellbound as the fish jumped in an effort to clear the weir and head up river to spawn.

“It’s great to see so many salmon but we are lucky that the resent rains have increased the levels in the river or we could have faced the prospect of salmon dying in their hundreds as they tried in vain to get up river,” Chris O’Donovan of the Fermoy and District Anglers Association told The Avondhu.

The salmon could be clearly seen from the bridge in Fermoy as they leaped from the water below the weir. However, because of the condition of the weir, it is thought that many more salmon would be able to reach their spawning beds if the weir was repaired and maintained in the future.

“We have a wonderful natural resource here in Fermoy and we need to protect it for future generations. The council must ensure that the repairs to the weir are carried out quickly,” Chris O’Donovan said.

The Avondhu (16/09/2010)


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