Posted by: fermoyweir | September 24, 2010


The secretary of Fermoy Rowing Club was this week criticised for what town councillors have called his negative comments concerning the repair of the weir, writes Brian Moore.

In recent articles published in The Avondhu, rowing club secretary, Donal O’Keeffe has been highly critical of what he sees as the total lack of commitment and urgency shown by the town council in connection with the badly needed repair to the town’s historic weir.


Responding to the issues raised at Tuesday night’s town council meeting, Mr O’Keeffe told The Avondhu, “As someone who lives in Fermoy I thought we were a town in serious trouble. If our council can afford the time to devote a significant portion of their monthly meeting to defending themselves against me then I’m a far more important person than I thought I was and our town’s economy is obviously in the pink of health.”


Speaking to The Avondhu after the meeting Cllr Noel McCarthy was confident that the weir will be repaired.

“The council is working to get the weir repaired and, as councillors, we have gone as far as we can to ensure that the work is carried out. We have been in contact with the Office of Public Works (OPW) and they have confirmed that the work on the weir will begin when the second phase of the flood relief plan for the town gets underway next year. That’s the situation as things stand. The work will be done and Donal and the rowing club are aware of this,” Cllr McCarthy said.


However, Mr O’Keeffe does not share Cllr McCarty’s confidence that the repairs to the weir are in hand.

“Look, just because they (Fermoy Town Council) keep saying it’s sorted doesn’t actually mean it’s sorted. Minister Conor Lenihan could be gone tomorrow and we could be trying to persuade the likes of Leo Varadkar that, yeah, okay, we did drag our feet but sure look, give us another oul’ cut off it, can’t you?

“Likewise, Inland Fisheries Ireland could continue to do their job and blow the weir to bits if salmon can’t get over the weir. I really don’t mean to be so negative but, in my defence, I have been dealing with Fermoy Town Council for four long years now,” Donal O’Keeffe concluded.

The Avondhu (23/09/2010)


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