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Fermoy town councillor, Olive Corcoran has received no backing from any of her fellow councillors following her call last week for the town clerk to resign.

In an interview with The Avondhu, Cllr Corcoran had called for the Fermoy town council clerk to resign or, as she put it, ‘start doing his job’.

However, not one of Cllr Corcoran’s fellow public representatives supports her call.


The Mayor of Fermoy, Cllr Pa O’Driscoll told The Avondhu, “I do not support the councillor’s call for the town clerk to resign. As far I am concerned I have views on how the council is run and how it should be run.

“I have discussed these with management in the past and will continue to do so as issues arise. Trade union directives not to engage with any new council committees that are formed is a problem but I am engaging with the trade unions and the management to try and resolve this.”

“There are appropriate and responsible ways for public representatives to raise concerns and if anyone of our elected representatives has a problem the media should not be the first port of call.

“While Cllr Corcoran may have a problem with council work going on behind closed doors, it is my opinion that this is sometimes necessary to allow for honest discussion and a united approach. Last week’s headlines have done more harm than good.”


The deputy mayor, Cllr Michael Hanley said that Cllr Corcoran’s comments were ridiculous, “Her comments are absolutely ridiculous and it shows an incredible lack of understanding as to how the work of Fermoy town council is carried out,” Cllr Hanley told The Avondhu.

Meanwhile, Cllr John Murphy agreed that there needs to be more communication between the town clerk and the councillors.

“I would not support Cllr Corcoran’s call for the town clerk to resign. I would, however, call on the town clerk and indeed the entire executive to be available more often. I feel there should be a weekly meeting between councillors and the staff at the town hall,” Cllr Murphy said.


Cllr Aileen Pyne commented, “I do not support Cllr Corcoran in her call for the town clerk to resign. We (the councillors) have no power when it comes to removal or appointment of staff at the town hall. If Fermoy is to prosper in the future we all need to work together.”

Cllr Seamus Coleman was disappointed that Cllr Corcoran chose to air her grievances with the town clerk in the local media.

“I don’t support Cllr Corcoran. I am one of the biggest critics of the town clerk but airing these grievances in the media is not the way forward,” Cllr Coleman said.


Cllr Tadhg O’Donovan was more forceful in his reply to Cllr Corcoran, “I would not legitimise Cllr Corcoran’s remarks with a comment, ”Cllr O’Donovan told The Avondhu.

Cllr Noel McCarthy will also not be supporting Cllr Corcoran, “I will not support the councillor’s calls for the town clerk to resign, in fact to make a comment on her remarks would only add fuel to the fire,” Cllr McCarthy said.

Meanwhile, Cllr Colette Dolan Moore said, “There should be a lot more communication between the executive and the elected members however I cannot support Cllr Corcoran in her call for the town clerk to resign.”


While Cllr Corcoran’s fellow councillors would not support her calls for the town clerk to resign some residents of Fermoy have voiced their support.

Donal O’Keeffe told The Avondhu, “Councillors are undoubtedly well meaning, but a lot of them will say privately that they feel frustrated and unable to achieve anything as the executive holds all the power and is unwilling to share it. Personally, and I do stress that this is a personal opinion, I would be rather inclined to doubt that Councillor Olive Corcoran is alone in her views, whatever her colleagues will tell The Avondhu on the record. At this stage readers of The Avondhu are probably weary of our efforts to force Fermoy Town Council to address their responsibilities.


Given a year to repair the weir, the town clerk took nine months to reply to Minister Conor Lenihan and then only to say that design plans are under way. Nine months. And, barring the acceptance of a worried telephone call from me in late June, in all that time there has been no consultation whatsoever with Fermoy Rowing Club or (to my knowledge) any of the other people who use the river.”


In response to her fellow councillors remarks, Cllr Corcoran is adamant that she still stands over her call for the town clerk to resign.

“My main concern is for the future of Fermoy. I don’t believe in saying things behind closed doors. I don’t believe in decisions being made without the prior knowledge of the people of this town.

“I believe that everything should be out in the open; the councillors, the executive, the business people and the residents of Fermoy must plan for the future of the town. I will continue to call for changes to the town council as long as I am an elected representative for the people of Fermoy,” Cllr Corcoran concluded.

The Avondhu, 7/10/10.


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