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Tender prices of €400,000 – €500,000 for repairs to the repairs to the weir (The Avondhu 19/7/12)

Tender prices of €400,000 – €500,000 for repairs to the repairs to the weir (The Avondhu 19/7/12)

Repair works to the weir in Fermoy have been delayed, as the tender prices received by Fermoy Town Council were way over budget, writes Sandra Quinn.

The town clerk, Pauline Moriarty, told the council that the work was included in Phase Two of the Fermoy Flood Relief Plan, but that the tenders received were for €500,000 and €400,00 and that the council were going to use the designs from the tender and seek a better price.

Cllr Tadgh O’Donovan argued that the council members should be kept abreast of all changes and that they should be updated on any changes to the process.

This was supported by Cllr Noel McCarthy who said that the weir repair works should be on the agenda each month, so the members receive receive regular updates.

The town manager, Katherine Walsh said that bringing the process to tender again will take at least a month, so the repairs could now be put off until next year.



  1. When Fermoy Weir finally crumbles away or is blown out of it and Fermoy Rowing Club is made homeless and Fermoy loses Barnane Walk, please remember the jobsworth baby politicians in Fermoy Town Council who squandered the victory that a few poor fools secured in Brussels.

    I was part of the delegation which established at the European Commission that a simple repair would save the weir. I was part of the long battle with two successive governments. I was also part of the group which fished a junior minister out of the river and persuaded him just how important to the town the river is but maybe that’s a story to be told over a pint sometime.

    We overcame huge opposition from within the Civil Service and from within the Government. And we won. In December 2009 Minister Conor Lenihan told the Town Council, as the negligent owners of the weir since the 1980s, that he was giving them a year to repair it or lose it. Oh they positively sprang into action. It took them nine months to even acknowledge receipt of the Minister’s order.

    Full disclosure: two years ago I resigned from the Rowing Club in protest at comments made by the president of the Club, Fermoy Town Councillor John Murphy, that I, as secretary, did not speak for the Club in my criticisms of the Town Council. He also objected to me being in the paper so much. I told the committee to back me or sack me. Being decent people, they tried to calm the situation and I walked. I had been a member of Fermoy Rowing Club for 18 years.

    Three years on from our victory, nothing has been done. The complaint that salmon cannot surmount the weir is still sitting in Brussels in a file marked “pending” and the clock is still ticking.

    The pen-pushers and expense-claimers in Fermoy Town Hall should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    But they’re not.

    Donal O’Keeffe.

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