Fermoy WeirThis Save Fermoy Weir Blog has been set up to highlight the current threat facing the historic weir in the town of Fermoy, Co. Cork. The Irish Government, through the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources wishes to destroy the weir under the misguided belief that this will serve to ease the passage of fish through this part of the River Blackwater.

Fermoy Weir needs only to be repaired. Its removal will destroy forever the image and beauty of our town. The Government is planning on removing the weir against the wishes of the town’s people, the town council and the wider community.

We want to raise support and highlight this issue where ever possible. It is up to all of us to send a clear message to the Government on this matter. If Fermoy Weir is destroyed, who knows which one will be next.

This site will keep you up to date with the latest developments in the fight to save our Weir including publication of all news articles and letters. We will also keep you updated with dates and times of protests and demonstrations. Please visit the petition page to voice your support. Thank you, your support is needed and appreciated.



  1. The wishes of the local community should be respected. A proposal has been put forward which appears to achieves the same result as that desired by the Department without the disruption to the waterway.

  2. This decision was probably made by someone in an office who has never set foot in Fermoy and seen how neautiful the weir is and how vital it is for the region.

    I hope the right decision is made and the weir can be preserved as it is for years to come. Glad to add my voice and support for anything that helps. I’ve emailed local politicans and the Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources to urge themt o review the decision and the options available.

  3. Fermoy is a beautiful town mainly due to its location on the banks of the blackwater, think how striking this is compared to other towns near but set back from the river eg Mallow. The beauty of the Fermoy is due to the buildings along the river bank, the mill race (a reminder of past industries), the imposing bridge but mainly from the weir holding back the blackwater, allowing it to cascade in a riot to the lower river, all that lovely white water racing downstream. Our heritage and history will be erased.

    Without it what will we be left with a homogenised flat river, characterless and bland. With riverbanks created from reinforced concrete and agricultural railings to complete the look. Why do we want to destroy this beautiful place and lose the character of the town? Would the people of Pisa allow their leaning tower to be straightened out for health and safety reasons?

    If it ain’t broken don’t fix it!!!

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