“We, the people of Fermoy, appeal to Minister Eamon Ryan TD to revoke the order to demolish our historic weir. We demand that the current fish pass be repaired and a second pass be built on the north bank of the river at Triangle Field. This can be achieved within the current budgetary parameters of €350,000”

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  1. I support it!

  2. I support Fermoy Weir, repair it, don’t destroy it!

  3. this souldnt be happening to a town

  4. Don’t destroy the weir, repair it!

  5. Save Fermoy weir!

  6. Fermoy weir is part of Fermoy’s identity! This should be repaired, distruction never solved anything

  7. I support it . Repair it . Don t destroy it

  8. i support the case to save fermoy weir, if we see the removal of the weir it may set a trend for many other weirs much loved by the kayaking and canoeing community being destroyed. also the recent desastorous works carried out on the weir in kilkenny leave we worried about the level of skill and expertise involved in the planning in the government f these things. Please release scaled working drawings and consult water safety engineers and dont build another danger to kayaker and canoeists. thank you

  9. The weir is one of fermoy many attractions to us living here as well as the many visitors we get the amout of people that stop and spend time enoyin the view and watchin the salmon jumping, why take away sometime that can be repaired……

  10. I support Fermoy weir,repair it,Dont destroy a very important natural resorce of this town.

  11. Lets all hope common sense prevails and a great club isn’t washed away down stream.

    I hope my kids can enjoy fermoy regatta as much as I did .

  13. Don’t let them destroy part of Fermoy’s heritage and beauty

  14. Save the weir!

  15. This should be repaired and preserved.

  16. Another hair brain idea from desk jockeys who are not in touch with reality on the ground. They should wake up and smell the coffee. That weir has served Fermoy well for a long time, so don’t let these pen pushers destroy it and the amenities around it on a whim. Stand up and Fight………….

  17. The weir is an important part of Fermoy, including a multitude of water sports and fishing. I am 100% in support of saving it.

  18. Don’t destroy the weir!

  19. It would be such a waste to destroy not only a beautiful piece of water, but the home of one of the most fun rowing regattas, and the body of water that spawed Gags – multiple olympian and winner of god only knows international medals.
    Let’s save this weir.

  20. save the weir! 100% support this petition.

  21. This present proposal to destroy the weir in Fermoy is the most ludicrous thing that I have heard in a long while.
    The Blackwater is famous all over the world as a Salmon fishing river and the weir in Fermoy is on the itinerary of countless foreign tour companies. Why do people think that a structure which was put in place to protect fish and fish supplies ( by people who obviously knew what they were doing, since the Blackwater continues to enjoy its place among the elite fishing rivers of the world) should suddenly be a bad habitat.
    I think that Ireland, as usual, is jumping to conclusions on an EU directive by adding 2+2 and getting 6. Instead of assuming that a certain directive must mean all weirs etc must be abolished can the relevant Government department , for a change, start thinking and see if there is any way we might improve the habitat for salmon (as this is a famous Salmon river) without doing anything to damage the weir in Fermoy, but rather repair this most beautiful structure and possibly add to it.
    Once the damage is done there is no point in anyone coming along to the people of Fermoy and saying “sorry , we made a mistake”.

    Use commonsense here Minister.

  22. save the weir! and the salmon…

  23. Seems a bit odd to be destroying the picture card image of the town..Should be kept for sure!

  24. Save the Weir

  25. Listen to the people and do what’s right for everyone. SAVE THE WEIR

    Getting rid of the weir will destroy what the local people of Fermoy and Fermoy Rowing Club have been building on for the last 125 years.

  26. save the weir and fermoy rowing club

  27. Save the Weir, save the Boat club!

  28. Save the weir and Fermoy Rowing Club, don’t destroy 125 years of work

  29. It will be a disgrace if they get rid of the weir and destroy rowing in fermoy, SAVE THE WEIR…..!

  30. save the weir and fermoy rowing club

  31. Save the weir, the rowing club and a great facility for children and adults in the town.

  32. Crazy idea. Repair the weir. Its a vital part of the town.

  33. Destroying the weir is such a ludicrous proposal, but does not surprise me in the least. Try thinking about the future and the whole picture for a change and save the weir

  34. This tradition cannot be lost.

  35. Fermoy Regatta is one of the highlights of the national rowing calender, especially for juniors and is the best course for spectators. Any change would be felt in all munster clubs and further afield.
    Athlunkard Boat Club, Limerick.

  36. SAVE THE WIER!! Rowing is having a hard enough time as it is with out us destroying a club! Repair it and build in a path for the fish like they do in places like Canada

  37. ya lets knock fermoys finest feature !!!! what are they thinking !! this has to be stoped

  38. We are in a time when child obesity is at an all time high and they want to destroy one of the most successful clubs in the country. The rowing club has nurtured 1000s of children over the years and created a good start and a great atmosphere to grow up in. We have one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the country, to imagine it as anything else is tragic.

  39. repair it, dont knock it,SAVE THE WEIR


  41. repair the weir and allow fermoy rowing club to continue to provide a valuable amenity to the people of fermoy and the irish rowing fraternity.
    the work done in fermoy rowing club down through the years deserves to be supported by local government not put in jeorpardy.
    fermoy rowng club has supported many athletes down through their history, producing numerous national champions, international champions and olympians, its a disgrace that the future of the club could be placed under such a threat and i fully support fermoy rc in its petiton to stop the destruction of their waterway.
    good luck fermoy rowing club.

  42. Save the weir…and fermoy rowing club!

  43. Repair it, don’t knock it

  44. save the weir and lisen to the people of the town repair it dont knock it

  45. This is a terrible idea.
    Save the weir, the rowing club and the regatta!

  46. Save the wier, save one of the best regattas in the country!

  47. repair the weir save the salmon leave something for our youth save fermoy rowing club

  48. Fermoy is one of the nicest regattas I’ve raced at. Its a lovely, idyllic stretch of water. If the weir is destroyed that will be at an end and that would be a disgrace!

  49. save the weir

  50. Save the weir!

  51. Keep the weir, the club and a great regatta.

  52. Save the Weir… Do not destroy rowing…

  53. Save the Weir. Do not destroy a great rowing tradition…

  54. Save the Wier

  55. Save the weir and save the rowing club.

  56. Don’t let it happen – Save the weir!!!!
    Do the right thing for once!!!

  57. Save the Weir

  58. SAVE the WEIR!

  59. Fermoy won’t be the same without the rowing club! Don’t destroy the Weir!

  60. save the fermoy weir.. i am from galway we have a weir and its needed as is the fermoy weir.. so find the finance to top the EU and lets not have another attraction buried….

  61. Save the Weir

  62. Save the weir

  63. Save the most enjoyable regatta in the country on a beautiful stretch of water. This club has fostered the youth of the town for generations. Do not destroy it.

  64. Repair the weir, don’t destroy it

  65. Do the right thing repair the weir and allow Fermoy Rowing Club to continue to provide a valuable amenity to the people of Fermoy.
    Fermoy Rowing Club deserves to be supported by local government.
    It has supported and produced many athletes producing many National and International Champions and and Irish Olympians. Its a complete disgrace that the future of this Club could be threatened in such a way rather than be supported and thanked for the huge amount of work put in and the vounteers acknowledged and pride it brings to the community in Fermoy and Cork.

  66. Save the Weir.

  67. We should protect the natural amenities in this country for young and old alike. 100% support saving the weir.

  68. save the weir

  69. save the weir and fermoy rowing club

  70. Repair the weir properly.

  71. The Weir is a feature of Fermoy do not destroy it .
    Look at the problems that were created in Kilkenny with the reconstructed Weir . Listen to the people

  72. If the weir can be saved, and improved within the budget allocated for the current plan, then surely it’s the way to go.


  73. as a canoeist, fisherman and father I strongly support this campaign to save the weir, and as suggested develop the weir rather than destroy it and regret the decision for generations. pLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE

  74. save the weir in fermoy for the sake of the rowing. the club is a great amenity for the town…..
    happy days racing at fermoy regatta!

  75. I would just juke to echo the thoughts of Ricky Hogan and all those here.

    Save the weir

  76. Please don’t destroy a river feature that helps provide an essential amenity to its users. Canoeists, Kayakers, Fishermen, Rowers etc. The feature slows down the water which the runs through the town. If it’s removed you will increase the speed of the water through the town & the erosion of its banks, not to mind increasing the safety risks. This petition has the full support of a forum for paddle-sports enthusiast in Ireland.

  77. Save the Weir

  78. fermoy has been an institution for irish rowing and irish sport for many years,to let this great club and stretch of water be lost forever would be an awful tragedy and cannot be allowed to happen!!!!

  79. Save the weir

  80. For a club that has been so much part of the community in Fermoy and that contributed so much to National and International rowing it is essential that nothing would be done to the weir that would jeopardize the existence of the club.

  81. Fermoy weir is a fantastic Amenity for Kayakers and should not be removed.
    Kayakers from UCC have often made the trip from Cork to Kayak on the blackwater and the weir in Fermoy has been one of the main attractions providing an excellent training ground for both Whitewater and Freestyle Kayakers.
    If the the required result can be met with reparations rather than removal, removal which clearly upsets numerous groups, these reparations should surely be the priority action.

  82. Save the Wier

  83. Please do not destroy one of the best stretches of water in the country for spectators and competitors alike.

  84. Save The Weir


  86. Save our Weir!

  87. This is the same government agency that overspent to the tune of 50 million euro on the reconstruction of weir in Kilkenny. Their track record suggests that they will not get Fermoy weir right. The new weir installed outside Shannon R.C has made winter rowing impossible and dangerous for kids. We now try to train at O’Brien’s bridge each weekend as a result.

    Well done to my old club Fermoy R.C and the people of Fermoy (including the fisherman) who are defending their town from this stupidity. Get this minister to put in a cheaper practical solution and put the savings back into areas where the funding is really needed.

  88. Save the weir

  89. Save the weir

  90. Destroying it instead of fixing it is just a lazy/stupid way around the problem, Fix it!

  91. I spent my youth on the river and I enjoyed every minute of it. Nothing should prevent others from extracting from the river the same pleasure that I did.

  92. I fully support the people of Fermoy and their request to save the weir.

  93. Please do not rip the heart out of the town and distroy a vibrant and historic rowing community by an act of civic vandalism.

    -Mike McCrohan, Tribesmen, Galway

  94. Do not destroy the weir

  95. Don’t destroy the weir. Im not even a junior yet so if this weir gets destroyed i’ll never be able to paddle it! 😦

  96. Save the weir and Fermoy regatta.

  97. Don’t let them destroy the weir.

  98. i just can’t imagine fermoy without that weir or rowing club

  99. Save the weir!!!

  100. Save the weir.

  101. I just can see the point in destorying the weir, they were put in to serve a function. And of great benefit to Kayak’s, rower’s and fisher men.
    And by taking it out the river in that section will return to near its origional flow and gradent. It 350,000 euro now, but what will be the future costs to the surounding and down stream area, these are unknown.

  102. Save the weir!!!!!

  103. Save the weir

  104. Don’t destory the weir….repair it rather than getting rid of it

    UCC Canoe Club

  105. Get Gags down there and chain him to the weir.No surrender

  106. Save the weir! Do the necessary work rather that destroying this valuable amenity.

  107. Save the weir and keep one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the country. What kind of people would destroy that priceless amenity for the town.

  108. save the weir

  109. what the hell!! u cannot simply take a weir away when there is a rowing club that will suffer!!!!

  110. as aregular swimmer at Barnane it fills me with horror the thought of this magnificent facility being destroyed.In the last four years eight swimmers from the Cork region have completed solo English Channel swims. Six of these have trained to some extent above the weir in Fermoy.Many more plan to do the same in the new year

  111. Don’t destroy the weir!

  112. save the weir and the rowing club

  113. Come on and use some commen snece. Repair a functioning weir and keep this fantistic local amenitie that is used by so many outdoor enthusiasts

  114. At a time when Irish kids are getting less and less exercise and becoming less and less healthy it makes no sense (is almost criminal in fact) to close down a very active sports club unless it is ABSOLUTELY UNAVOIDABLE. I dont think the removal of the weir in Fermoy is such a case.
    Environmental concerns are very important and it is completely right that everything possible be done to protect and improve fish stocks but as outlined in the Q and A section of this website there is a solution in which both concerns can be addressed.
    It seems clear that with a bit of flexibility and a genuine willingness to explore other options on the part of the department, an alternative solution which will protect both the fish stocks and
    an essential local social amenity could be implemented.

  115. Save the weir, it’s part of Fermoy, its part of the regatta, it’s part of the boat club!

  116. Why can’t people in this country reaslise that destroying features is not the way to go! This decision will affect many people in the local area that use this river for their sports and hobbies. Outdoor activities should be encouraged and protected as much as possible…

  117. Save the Weir

  118. Save the Weir

  119. Repair don’t destroy and thus destroy all current recreation depending on that weir.

  120. Lets hope that the Minister listens to the people of Fermoy and 2009 sees the 125th anniversary of the Club not its closure !

  121. Save the weir, many happy days spent racing on that stretch of water

  122. save the weir and the rowing club

  123. save the weir

  124. Save the Weir. Only this summer the first Fermoy Triathlon was held and without the weir in place this event could not have been held.

  125. Save the Weir. Always loved racing in Fermoy. Would be a huge loss to the town.

  126. We need to encourage sport, not make things more difficult for sporting bodies.
    From a kayaker

  127. save the wier

  128. As a former rower and current kayaker I can appreciate the beauty and the usefulness of a weir, it’d be a waste to get rid of it.

    as a rower, i have a sense of pride in the club which trained me into the person i am today,as rowing has-in my opinion-a much greater effect on a persons personality than most other sports,and i think mabye there are a few out there that share my views.
    to me it seems almost inhuman that such a good thing that never hurt anyone should be taken away,like taking away that one good influence in peoples lives because it suits them is just ridiculous. people in the club may also have dreams of achieving great things for their country.and where does the leaders of that country leave those would-be sporting heroes??
    high and dry.
    nice work lads,mabye well still win a prize for best fish stocks,…..but hang on….. arent most irish rivers polluted anyway???
    one thing at a time lads

  130. To the European Guys in their Ivory Towers, here’s an idea…get an aerlingus or ryan air cheepie to Cork, jump in a taxi and travel 40 mins. down the road, stop in the square and walk 50 yards to the centre of the bridge and look up river to your left and tell me what you see….on any given day a hive of activity, be it Rowing Club,Sub Aqua Club, Canoe/Kayak Club, Fishing Club, Swimming Club, kids feeding ducks snd swans……magic. Ya sure, blow the weir away good idea….why not repair the weir, better idea!

  131. The fact that the demolition of the weir and the constuction of this proposed monstrosity is being bundled in with the flood plan and is not included in the costings for contract is very interesting.

    The Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee might be interested in this looseness with Government tenders.

  132. If Fermoy weir is ‘just a load of concrete’, then maybe the Rock of Cashel is a load of old stones that should be bulldozed in the morning. Fermoy Rowing club has nurtured numerous international elite athletes and has been part of the social fabric of the town for generations. To destroy the weir and endanger the club would be an act of bureaucratic vandalism. Find an alternative solution and save the weir.

  133. save the weir don’t destroy it !!

  134. Fermoy Weir . The first of many.
    Next Weir :Perhaps Islandbridge.
    The Salmon Weir, Galway.
    The Moy Weir.
    We in Fermoy suspect a hit list.

    Believe it —We are dealing with closed minds.

    Save Fermoy Weir

  135. I support Fermoy Weir, repair it, don’t destroy it!

  136. Save the weir!!! repair dont destroy.

  137. Save the weir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. save the weir

  139. For once listen to what the people of Fermoy and the surrounding area’s are saying, this is a fantastic ammenity for everyone, young and old.
    Please don’t destroy something that can be easily repaired.

  140. Save our beautiful weir and all of our great memories of it especially around regatta season and hot summers , the list goes on,we have lost to many icons already.

  141. I find it difficult to believe that improvements cannot be made to the Fermoy Wier without significant changes in the water level.

    The wier is the most beautiful part of the town of Fermoy, any proposed change demands that foremost consideration be given to the:
    1) Environment;
    2) Aesthics; and most importantly,
    3) Wishes of the local people.

    The wishes of the local people are to be found here, on this website.

  142. Save the Fermoy Wier – the river is an amenity that must be preserved and its use by the people of Fermoy is most important; rowing clubs, kayak clubs make full use of the river, as do the many clubs who travel to participate in events in the town, bringing some revenue to the area. Walkers, fisherman, families love to use it and this must be preserved.

  143. I support it . Repair it . Don t destroy it

  144. I support Fermoy Weir, repair it, don’t destroy it!

  145. save the weir

  146. Save the Weir

  147. Save the weir and Fermoy RC with it. The Blackwater is still a fantastic fishing river. Why does the rowing club have to be sacrificed to ‘improve it’? the Blackwater river in Fermoy is the best urban rowing venue in the country. Save it.

  148. The lack of consideration for OUR LOCAL AMMENITIES ….
    (by paid Local, National and EU government officials) is matched by a lack of imagination, vision, engineering know how and understanding of what the river actually means to this town …. (again) …. let the PEOPLE of Fermoy decide how to solve this!!!

  149. Save the weir

  150. Save Fermoy weir and in the process save Fermoy Rowing Club. The rowing club is one of the towns finest resources. Don’t throw that away!

  151. save the weir

  152. Save the weir!
    Fermoy is one of my favorite reggattas to go to it is a brilliant place to watch rowing and very good for juniors starting off….!
    Dont take that away!

  153. Save the Weir. The river as it is, IS Fermoy’s greatest amenity. Used and enjoyed every day by the rowing club, the triathlon club the open water swimmers, stroller’s on the bank who have a ‘river’ to see at the moment. Dont turn it into a stream. SAVE THE WEIR.

  154. I support Fermoy Weir, repair it, don’t destroy it!

  155. I support Fermoy Weir, repair it, don’t destroy it!

  156. save the weir and fermoy rowing club

  157. Save the weir. Fermoy rowing club has given so much to Irish rowing and to the town and surrounding towns of North Cork, to loose this amenity would be a sin, save the weir

  158. Fermoy is a pretty cool place, dont get rid of the weir.

    Also anything the Green Party want to do is a bad idea.

  159. please save the weir

  160. Save the weir!

  161. Save the weir

  162. Save the Weir

  163. Save the weir and protect the towns heritage.

  164. Please safe the weir, it would be a tragedy to remove such a pretty feature.

  165. Don’t destroy a towns treasured amenity, restore it, because if you destroy it, you destroy it for ever!!

  166. Listen to the Local People, they have the Best Interests of the Area at Heart.
    It seems the EU care more for the Interests of Salmon then of Humans! (I wonder how many salmon will make it to the ballot box).


  167. No enlightened country would attempt to remove an important land mark that gives character and beauty to the town and sports facilities for it’s citizens. To remove the weir would be an act of vandalism.

  168. Save fermoy wier! Why destroy a necessary amenity which is vital to the survival of so many local clubs and also a local attraction which is enjoyed by so many, whether that be by being viewed by tourists or used by rowers, kayakers, canoeists, fishermen etc.

    This petietion has the full support of WITKC and all its members.

  169. Save the Wier

  170. save the weir

  171. I did not pay much attention to a recent newspaper photo of a group protesting but on Saturday 29/11/08 I happened to be in Fermoy and saw the protest signs and made enquiries.This is luicrous stuff. Go look at the weir( in the centre of the Town almost ! ) and watch the wildlife and ‘feel’ the tranquility. What about river users? What about the legendary rowing club and that guy Towey who made 4 , yes 4 Olympics. A green minister in office? Unbelieveable. What was that saying about power corrupting and absolute power corrupting absolutely? Certainly seek alternative solutions to the flooding problem but PLEASE use your head minister and council officials.

  172. can we not wait and see what effect the Mallow Works have first on the Fermoy Weir instead of ploughing into the project blindly. Any major change to the weir is over the top,when there is a viable alternative. It is a knee jerk move to solve the flood problem which ruins the river here for the other 75% of the year when there is no problem. There has to be a better plan TO SAVE THE WEIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Save the Weir!

  174. Pease dont destroy the weir.

  175. Save the Weir!

  176. I support Fermoy weir. Repair it, don’t destroy part of the towns heritage.

  177. Our collective heritage is something we chould hold in trust for future generations. Save the Weir!

  178. Save the Weir

  179. Save the Weir

  180. Save the Weir.

  181. If there is even the slightest doubt that demolishing the weir will affect the Rowing Club then this project should be stopped immeadiatly.

    Alternatives have been out forward and these should be acted upon.

    Save the Weir

  182. The Weir remains one of the outstanding features of Fermoy Town and is a pleasure to behold the whole year round. Save it – Don’t Destroy Years of Heritage and Sound Architectural Planning.

  183. Thanks to everybody for their support to date.
    We are fighting this battle on a legal, engineering and political front. Any HELP is welcomed.
    We now have two premises in the town dedicated to Saving The Weir and we will man them every Saturday till common sence provails.
    Please protest to your local politicians. Remember the EU and local council elections are this June.

    We are planning a major protest in the town on Saturday 13th December of ALL clubs, both rowing, water based and land.
    Gearoid Towey, Olympian, is coming from London to lead the parade at 3pm.
    We want to get ALL types of boats on the river.
    Some rowing clubs are planning a training session in Cork and Fermoy that morning. How about your club? Bring your banners, flags and drums and your trailers. Spread the word to all your friends and colleagues.

    Our protest has united the town and made our club a lot stronger. “We have not gone away”

    Log in daily and check for our daily up dates.

  184. To all those I emailed yesterday, please note it was Thomas Cromwell who had Fermoy weir noted on his inventory to Henry VIII. (Remember him from ‘The Tudors’). It would have been probably noted as an asset of the monks which had their settlement close by, off Abbey st, near the site of Fermoy Resource Centre.
    Oliver Cromwell did not appear on the scene until nealy eighty years later.
    Small bit of history – Lest we forget !

  185. Hi Paul,

    I have put an updated video of FRC up on YouTube at

    To tell anyone about it, say “Go into YouTube and search for ‘Fermoy
    Rowing’ or ‘Blackwater Rowing’, or ‘Gearoid Towey’ or ‘Fermoy Weir'”

    Donal O’Loughlinn

  186. Save the weir.
    Do not destroy Fermoy Rowing Club and Regatta.
    It is one of the few venues where you can follow the races along the path from beginning to end which gives enjoyment to spactators and rowers alike.

  187. When we we learn not to continue with this destruction.Listen to the locals.Are the same mistakes as Kilkenny going to be repeated?

  188. Save the weir

  189. Fermoy must be one of the most beautiful places in the country for rowing, Please don’t destroy it.

    Save the weir !

  190. save the weir!!

  191. To not to be able to row, swim, Fish, canoe, windsurf, is denying many people of many of life’s simple outdoor pleasures.

    In an island as small as Ireland, places like the Blackwater stretch, are few & far between. The fact that this beautiful resource is situated in the centre of the town is something Fermoy people have warmed too & been proud of for generations.
    Granted the floods have always been a battle, but as can been seen by some of the names who have signed this petition, they are the people affected by floods year after year, yet they have signed this petition to save the weir. If repairs can be done to save the weir I am sure people of Fermoy would be happy as their hardships would not have been overlooked as the cause is more than justified.

  192. save the weir

  193. It doesn’t make sense to destroy this renowned landmark from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. Take the “bigger picture” into consideration.

  194. Repair and save the weir. Don’t destroy this amenity which is vital for so many local clubs involved in water sports, including rowing and Fermoy Rowing Club.

    This petition has the full support of Cork Boat Club.

  195. Save the Weir!

  196. Folks, I just want to clarify something very important.

    The weir does not affect flooding.

    And to be fair about it, NOBODY is saying the weir affects flooding. Officials from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and the Office of Public Works are on the record as accepting this fact.

    Where confusion is creeping in is that the Department wants to include the demolition and replacement of the weir in with the implementation of the Flood Relief Plan. Ezra McMenamin of the OPW likened it to two neighbours getting their drives paved deciding to pool their resources. “An act of administrative convenience” was how he described it.

    We called it a “foxer”.

    We are asking where is the contract to do the weir hatchet job? Did the Department receive five independent tenders as is legally required?

    But to repeat: the weir does not affect or cause flooding. We need to get that message out there.

  197. I support it!!

  198. Save the weir!

  199. Save the weir, don’t destroy the most beautiful part of the town.

  200. save our town… save the weir!!

  201. the river is a very important part of fermoy. getting rid of the weir is a terrible idea! its essential that everything is done to save it!!

  202. Please save this – it’s absolutely beautiful.
    SAVE IT!

  203. I love coming home to Fermoy and its beautiful river. The weir and the river are the saving grace of the town……… Long live the weir!

  204. Look after the fish by all means, but this needn’t be done to the detriment of the locals and to Fermoy and it’s Regatta.
    WE NEED TO PROVIDE MORE SPORTS FACILITIES like Fermoy Rowing Club for the sake of our kids Health & Welfare NOT DESTROY THEM!
    Where is Eamonn O Caoimh getting his info & did he consult with the most important people here namely, The LOCAL PEOPLE.

  205. How could we consider destroying something so many people treasure , love and enjoy. REPAIR THE WEIR AND CONTINUE TO ENJOY IT FOR GENERATIONS TO COME

  206. Save Fermoy Weir.

  207. Save the weir

  208. The line minister is Minister Eamon Ryan TD in the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, 29-31 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2. His telephone number is 01 6183097 and his e-mail is

    Effective as the Obama Age of digital campaigning is, I would suggest that a letter in the post might not be a bad idea either.

  209. The work will be carried out on an Office of Public Works contract. Sean Sherlock TD asked Minister of State Martin Mansergh TD (who has responsibilty for the OPW) about this two weeks ago and he wasn’t aware of this at all.

    Our allegedly civil alleged servants seem to be running the show.

    Martin Mansergh’s number is 01 6619750 and his e-mail is

  210. Save the weir! Think of the consequences if it’s destroyed – the end of Fermoy Rowing Club, and the other sport clubs… what’s with the whole world trying to destroy traditions, communities, anything that unites people…

  211. This is a poorly thought out answer to a very simple problem. This government has neglected our towns and communities for too long! A well thought out solution with public consultation and community involvement is whats needed.

  212. Bernard Allen TD serves as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and he might be interested in the nod-and-wink looseness of the proposal to tie in, uncosted and untendered, the demolition and replacement of the weir to an already guaranteed, fixed-price Government contract.

    He was Minister of State for Sport from 1994 to 1997 and he was a very good friend to Fermoy Rowing Club.

    His constituency office number is at 90 Shandon Street, Cork, telephone 021 439 7972 and his e-mail is If you live in the Cork North Central constituency he’s your TD and I’m sure he’ll give you a hearing.

  213. I fully believe it is a huge mistake to remove the weir and its repair wil be far more benificial to the town and wider community ….

  214. save the weir, save the rowing club and the enjoyment it has brought to people for generations.

  215. Protect Fermoy weir and the established
    Its a respected amenity used by many, including oars-people from far and wide.

  216. Repair the Weir, don’t destroy it.

  217. Don’t demolish Fermoy Weir. Any cost benefit analysis should always include social benefits [i.e. public use of an amenity] in the calculations. In this case it is not apparent that all options were even investigated to even get the best financial solution. Is this a case that the mandarins in the civil service have a budget for this and if they don’t spend it they won’t get it again?? Well done on the campaign. Let’s see some sense in how public money is spent.

  218. The minister appears to have lost the plot! Leave the weir as it is.

  219. Destruction of the weir at Fermoy will result in the elimination of an amenity that has benefited the towns people for many generations. It’s removal will have reprocussions for fishermen, swimmers and rowers alike. It will also effect the river level in the vicinity and during dry weather spells create an unsightly potentially dried river bed. The act of destroying this amenity defies logic when it’s benefits have enhanced Fermoy for so long. I would like to see the Environmental Impact Statement that promotes such a dramatic action, that is assuming such a document exists.


  221. I support Fermoy Weir, repair it, don’t destroy it!

  222. Who are these idiots anyway? What right have they to propose yet alone implement such a travesty?
    What the hell do they know in Brussels about decent Salmon rivers anyway ?
    Time for us to send these people packing.
    I rowed at the regatta in 1963 as a ‘maiden’ oar, and again as a Veteran in recent years. Now they’ve bypassed it, isn’t the Fermoy we all know a real gem of a place !
    Just think of the hullah -baloo if such a proposal were put forward for the Thames at Henley….

  223. I can’t belive anyone in the town of Fermoy would say anything other than ‘save the weir’. It is such a beautiful feature to have in our town.

    The beauty and serenity it gives the people of Fermoy can never be replaced. Please don’t take it away from us.

  224. Save Fermoy’s Weir for the next generation.

  225. I support Fermoy Weir, repair it, don’t destroy it!

  226. Save Fermoy’s Weir.

  227. As somebody who spent most of my teenage years on the blackwater, it seems unbelievable that this situation is even possible. Can’t be there myself to protest but urge anybody with the possibility, to do so. Save fermoy weir, save the rowing club.

  228. The weir is an historic landmark and amenity in Fermoy. There is no need to destroy it when there are alternative solutions. It has served the town well over the years. Destroy in haste and repent at leisure.

  229. save the weir

  230. save Fermoy fermoy regatta.its one of the best spectator venues for a regatta in the country

  231. Fermoy brings many a fond memory for countless numbers of people from all over the country. lets hope the Weir is saved and kids who have yet to pick up an oar can have the same memories.

  232. Fermoy Weir has been in place for at least 150 years and probably longer. It is possibly older than the town itself. To destroy it would be an act of vandalism. Generations of Fermoy’s townfolk have enjoyed the use of the beautiful Blackwater as an amenity. Let’s not have that amenity destroyed by some Dept of the Marine / OPW vanity project. The consequences of removing the weir are, at best, unpredictable and, at worst, potentialy devestating. Repair the existing weir structure and add the additional fish passes. It is the common-sense approach.

  233. That Weir is not just a lump of concrete!!
    The rowing club has left me with great memories. Ones that will always be cherished.
    It would be devastating if the club had to close just because some people feel that bulldozing a “bit of concrete” would solve the fisheries issue. That just seems like bog standard engineering. Im glad to see that the guys at Fermoy RC had the insight to propose a modern solution that suits all parties. Keep up the good work lads.

  234. I support the Save Fermoy’s weir petition

  235. Our friend Sean Sherlock TD gave a sterling performance in the Dail last night.

    As usual he asked the questions the Government doesn’t want asked, let alone answered. He also named names when he pointed out that this seems to be all coming from the Southern Regional Fisheries Board (CEO Brian “I’ll send in the bulldozers” Sheerin).

    The transcript should be up by the morning and when it is I’ll give you the link.

    In the meantime, to give you a summary, Sean asked why the weir is being demolished and replaced and Minister Mary Wallace TD read back a prepared answer which I will bet you all the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets was written by Deirdre DeBruin of the Department.

    I know her style and I know her language. It was the exact same guff that Paul and Johnny and Barry and Pa and I sat through two weeks ago in the Grand until we reached what I call the Popeye point.

    Remember Popeye? “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” (And then we were accused of staging a walk-out. The only staging was our collective decision to listen to 45 minutes of waffle before we nearly lost the will to go on living.)

    Same old nonsense in the Dail. Pontoon slips, (Phase II, which will probably never happen, and wouldn’t work anyway as they’d shrink the course width even further,) dredge the Strand (in the same breath as “conservation area of special protection”) and best of all cut back the branches of the trees, if the owners allow it.

    Sean is doing good work in keeping this on the Dail agenda and we all need to keep it going now.

    Big protest Saturday week in Fermoy but also please write to the papers and try to contact the radio shows as well. Go to your TD’s clinic and voice your opinion.

    Listening to the prepared answer to Sean’s questions tonight reminded me that they haven’t listened or heard yet.

    We have to do more.

    Over to you.

  236. This from The Irish Times, Thursday 4th of December 2008.

    Madam, – I recently returned from Beijing, where I represented Ireland in the sport of rowing for my third Olympic Games, a sport I started at the age of 10 years on the beautiful River Blackwater in Fermoy, Co Cork.

    My rowing career would never have existed if I didn’t have the support of a fantastic local club. Fermoy Rowing Club has been nurturing children from the area for 125 years, producing two Olympians and giving the opportunity to thousands more who competed all over the country in national competitions. Being part of such a community opened my eyes to a whole world of possibility, gave me a chance to dream of the big stage and gave me the facilities to exploit my potential to the fullest.

    The club and this glorious stretch of river will soon be a thing of the past if a Government decision to demolish the weir and to lower the river goes ahead.

    I would ask all those who care about the sport of rowing and all those who care about the town of Fermoy to take a look at and to let their TDs know how they feel about this.

    In a time when child obesity is becoming a huge problem in our country, this Government is going to eliminate another option to get our children involved in sport and healthy practices.

    The rowing club is one of the main sports in the town of Fermoy and its demise will keep even more inside playing virtual Olympics rather than having the chance to try it for real.

    Returning from Beijing, the Olympic team was criticised for under-par performances. One has to wonder how any of us got to the starting line at all when we come from a country that is seeking to wipe out our main sporting facilities, not develop them. – Yours, etc,



    Co Cork

  237. The Department’s proposal is shortsighted and obviously has not been thought through. There seems to be a solution put forward that will satisfy all parties. The town keeps the weir, salmon slips are added to accomodate the fish/fisherman, the rowing club and the hundreds of kids it services are not deprived of life changing experiences, and the town of Fermoy retains a jewel. I observe from afar and have to wonder what or who is really behind the government’s actions?

  238. Save Fermoy rowing club – save the weir.

  239. I’m not from Fermoy, but have spent much time there; I am also both a keen environmentalist and an outdoors person – I think that if the fish stocks are healthy and the river serves as an amenity for the people of Fermoy (and elsewhere) then the minister should leave well alone. Hands off!

  240. I support Fermoy weir.
    As a former, and I hope future, participant in Fermoy regattas, I can’t imagine this beautiful stretch of water being rendered unusable to the people of Fermoy for the many current sporting activities. Best of luck in the fight.

    Tom McCarthy

  241. Removing the weir seems like a ridiculously heavy handed and inappropriate approach – surely the fish have been negotiating the weir for many years already? And the rowing club has always been very important to the town – can’t the weir can be repaired in a way that facilitates fish and rowers?

    [Mod – please delete previous comment if possible, accidental submission, thanks]

  242. Save the weir!

  243. Why rebuild? Why not modify? It would surely be cheaper and in fairness the fish wont give a rats ass!
    Idiots wasting money and resources when it been fine for the past 100 years.

  244. As a Dub I have great memories of rowing in Fermoy. Save the Weir and rowing in Fermoy. Well done to Sean Sherlock.

  245. Fermoy weir and the functions it provides for the people of Fermoy must be saved.
    What planet do these people live on?

  246. The Blackwater river is a fantastic resource for swim training, I regularly swim 2-3 km up river from the weir and do not want this to be altered drastically.

    No uncontrolled changes to the weir

  247. Despite Republicans in Fermoy insulting my family who were neutral Quaker millers, by re naming Grubb’s Quay, Ash Quay, and nice picture of it too on this site, I will give some sound advice, knowing probably a lot more than most of the “experts” on this issue.
    In the case of Fermoy and Clondulane weirs, the driving force is actually fishing rights jealousy, but you’re not allowed to say that. But Clondulane cant be taken without dealing with Fermoy as well. Solution. Properly repair the adjacent bye pass gate and head race, leading the latter back in immediately, e.g., not through the old mills. That gate should should then be opened October to January, eg, out of fishing season, and then by special arrangement, once a week when necessary, during the summer. This would solve 90% of the fish passage problem, baring perhaps a lamprey eel. Summer time gate opening could be co-ordinated with the rowing interests. For instance in mighn’t be Sunday in Fermoy, but would be in Clondulane. In some low flow Winter periods, the gate could also be mostly closed. By the way, in the case of a rock run type glide, I hope someone will be well insured against the inevitable injuries.

  248. Keep the weir in place.

  249. I rowed for 5 years in secondary school and again in university and Fermoy regatta sticks out in my mind as being one of the most enjoyable competitive events in the Irish rowing calender, especially for younger competitors… To loose it would be a disgrace!

  250. why havent the drawings been released? and i mean the scale drawings, releasing drawings without measurements or to a standard scale is beyond belief.

    also why has the problem not first been flagged, solutions proposed and a design consensus agreed before anything proceeds. are we to suppose that our government has the divine ability to get these sort of things right? yet is unable to let us know the details????

    or a different note. habitats evolve, 700 years has given fermoy its current habitat, which seems from a salmons perspective to be improving. such drastic ecosystem change will disturb the entire river water course for years to come and its dependent ecosystem.

    big bad idea.

  251. Please save Fermoy weir. A few beautiful old buildings have been demolished or modernised badly in recent years taking a lot of the character away from the town. Don’t let anything else be taken away. Go to your TD and make your feelings known.

  252. Gearoid has a letter in today’s Irish Times. Follow the link below.

  253. Please don’t destroy the weir! What a disgraceful lack of regard for the public who use it daily as an amenity. This is an ill thought-out and rash proposal, and one with dire consequences for the people of Fermoy if allowed to proceed. REPAIR THE WEIR!

  254. Save the weir

  255. Demolishing this and other weirs when there is a solution allowing the passage of fish is senseless.

  256. Save Fermoy Rowing Club

  257. I absolutely support this. We won’t have a sport left within walking distance of Fermoy or anytown in the country if we keep going like this.

  258. save the weir

  259. I wholly support your effort to reverse this absurd decision. I have very happy memories of competing at Fermoy Regatta (for UCDBC) in the early 1960’s and take vicarious pride in the recent successes of Fermoy RC. What is proposed won’t help the salmon one jot.

  260. Save the weir on the beautiful Blackwater, the proposal to get rid of the weir is both pointless and needless. Listen to the people and do the right thing. Save the Weir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Save the weir. Save the rowing.

  262. I support Fermoy Weir

  263. save our weir>

  264. I now live in Newfoundland, but I have rowed in Fermoy when I was at TCD, and it appalls me that the lovely rowing club which has produced such good rowers might be a thing of the past. If the reason to destroy the weir is to improve salmon runs, the reasoning is faulty since salmon stocks in the river are healthy. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  265. save the weir – it is a very important asset, especially to Fermoy Rowing Club

  266. I am in full support of the Fermoy Weir, and the Recreational Sports clubs along the Blackwater river.

  267. Shame on you, both local and central government. Fermoy will never be the same without the weir. It pains me to see the town I grew up in changed so much, it would be unrecognisable.

  268. Save the weir!!

  269. save the weir and fermoy rowing club

  270. I support the weir.

  271. I am in full support of the save Fermoy Weir dont destroy what is an asset to all of us especially the Fermoy Rowing Club which kept so many of us off the street when we were young, destroy the weir you will destroy our town

  272. save the weir

  273. Sur you cant do dat. I’m in full support of the weir

  274. Save the weir -it would be disgraceful to knock this piece of heritage down -dont let the bureaucrats wreck it they souln’t interfere

  275. save the weir its part of fermoy

  276. Thank you GEARÓID TOWEY for your letter in today’s Irish Times. As a canoeist who raced on the Blackwater in Fermoy I fully support this campaign to save the weir.

  277. Beautiful river, fine weir, leave it alone. What do bureaucrats understand about rivers??

  278. dont knock down the weir i used to walk along it when i was young it will be missed buy young and old

  279. Save the Fermoy weir! For the sake of Irish sport!

  280. Living in Brussels, I have fond memories of racing in Fermoy Regatta with UCD. Surely this beautiful stretch of river must be preserved in its current state.

  281. I’ve spent many years attending events on the river there and i’d hate to see that destroyed for the following generations. Let common sense prevail and repair the weir and let it stand as is. To do anything else is crazy


  283. Save the weir, they will have to leave us something.

  284. Hi everybody. I’ve just come from the monthly committee meeting of Fermoy Rowing Club and at this point it’s more like a council of war.

    This is do or die at this point. We have several meetings lined up next week, of varying significance and insignificance, and we’ll let you know how those go. By and large, elected representatives have been very receptive but our problem is the Permanent Government, the civil servants who clearly neither listen nor answer to anyone.

    We’ll all be in Mrs King’s shop on Patrick Street this Saturday and we’d love to see you. Come in, if you can at all. Sign the petition and catch up with old friends.

    One thing which has really cheered us is the amazing response of everybody here. You’ve lifted our spirits when we’ve felt low and frustrated.

    Can I ask one further favour, please?

    Kav pointed out at the meeting earlier that although we have friends all over the world supporting us here, we really need for you to put your address, just your city or town or country at the end of your message.

    Thanks again.

    Fond regards,


    (Looking out my window at the weir while I still can, Fermoy.)

  285. Tell the bureaucrats to get their hands off our weir!
    Joan Kiernan
    Native of Fermoy, now living in Queenstown, New Zealand

  286. Get the damn Nanny State our of our pockets and our of our town. We know what is best for the town not some faceless desk jockey in Dublin.

    PJ King
    New Zealand

  287. Hi all,
    Have been following the situation from Wilton, Connecticut and am obviously concerned at the thought of losing our beloved rowing club not to mention our beautiful weir. Kav you made a good point about hearing from our supporters and friends all over the world. If you remember we brought a group from America in 2003 for the Fermoy Regatta and they to this day talk about the Fermoy Rowing club and the beautiful regatta. You will be hearing from them soon with their support of preserving the weir.

  288. I had the pleasure of representing my American rowing club as commodore in 2003 with a group of rowers from America who enjoyed the beautiful Blackwater and the hospitality of the members of the Fermoy Rowing Club. We traded club trophies and declared ourselves ‘sister’ clubs. It is with disbelief that we fellow rowers watch the events unfold as this beautiful resourse is being threatened. You have our full support and all who were on the trip will also write their support.
    Paula Meyer

  289. Keep the pressure on, – this should not happen. The heritage of Fermoy should not be swamped in this fashion. The emphasis should be on developing longer stretches of water in areas such as Fermoy.

    BOC, Kildare

  290. In living memory the weir and rowing has been part of Fermoy .

  291. Save the weir, the salmon and all in Fermoy!

  292. It does not make sense to demolish a beautiful feature of the town such as the weir. I am sure another way can be found to accomodate everyone’s concerns. The weir & Rowing Club are part & parcel of our town it would be an utter shame if anything was to happen either.For as long as I can remember I would look in over the bridge wall or I was lifted up to see the fabulous weir and the white flow of water always looked spectacular Stop this madness and let things be we don’t want this kind of destruction.

  293. Destroying the weir destroys not only our heritage but the various clubs that are an integral part of our community. In an age where communities are increasingly fractured the removal of the weir will be another nail in the coffin for Fermoy.
    Save our Weir

  294. This is obviously yet another narrow minded, horse-flapped EU directive. Shame they had no interest in looking at alternative courses of action other than the most obvious and easy from their point of view.

    Please will the local councillors \ Fermoy council make a stand here, even if it means going to court.

  295. What is the point in solving one poblem and creating alot of others …especially when there are alternatives. This infortunately is symptomatic of much of the sloppy thinking which goes on in our planning systems

  296. I support it.

  297. A Dubliner, I’ve rowed along this stretch of water many times, at events hosted by Fermoy Rowing Club. Great events- a beautiful stretch of water, great memories!

    It’s rare to see a rowing club like this right in the heart of the town – Minister, what about considering the people’s environment?

  298. Why are the people of Fermoy not consulted properly on this. Save the weir!

  299. The removal of Fermoy weir would have an appallingly detrimental effect on Fermoy’s natural beauty. Fermoy Rowing Club should be protected as an integral element of the local community.

    Stop this madness!!! Save Fermoy Weir!!!

    Phil Noonan
    Mainz, Germany.

  300. You deleted my message. I am not allowed leave a message because it’s not against the weir?

    You are wrong, 1/5 of the weir is being lowered by one foot, not the the entire weir. Lower this 1/5 will only result in the water level behind the weir being lowered by only 90mm.

    When are the rowing club realising their report?



    • Hi Graham,

      You had two identical messages and one was deleted, the other is still there, you posted it on the Q&A page. The simple facts are that the weir will be removed in its entirety and replace with a rock ramp pass. I will get onto the rowing club regarding their report and we will notify you when it is available. We will post it on this site for people to download. We post all messages on this site that are submitted, be they for or against the Departments proposal. We want to encourage debate on the issue and clarify the facts. The facts being that the department wish to remove the existing weir completely and replace it with a rock ramp pass measuring 62 meters long and 36 meters wide. The drop in water will range from 1 foot to 1 meter. Now, there is no conspiracy here, this info has come from the proposed plans by the department.
      As soon as i get that report i will notify you.

  301. Thank you fermoyweir,

    Best Wishes

  302. save the weir

  303. Save the Weir, for the sake of the rowing club and the people who care.

  304. Terrible idea. Keep the existing weir and forget this new plan

  305. Minister,

    Can you understand the logic behind the proposal to lower the weir at Fermoy (and Clondulane)? Do you agree with the proposal and are you happy to stand over this drastic proposal?

    As a “Greenie” surely the following must be of consideration:
    The Fermoy weir is standing at current height for about 700 years. The Cistercian Monks first built it around 1302 AD. Apart from later mill races on the South bank in Fermoy, there has been little alteration to the river course in recent history.

    As I understand it, the proposals are part of an EU Habitats Directive to improve the passge of fish through the Fermoy area. Surely 700 years of stable conditions has to be considered an established ecosystem and any recent demise in fish passage cannot be attributed to something so established.

    I’m sure we would have protested 700 years ago at the idea of introducing a weir, but now that it’s there and settled, surely to remove it is to throw the balance out again.

    What impact will lowering of the weir and water levels have to all the wildlife and various ecosystems that have evolved in harmony with the current conditions? I fear this type of intervention may be more harmful than beneficial.

    Please Minister look at this issue and let your environmental principle guide and influence you. Don’t go political.

    Cian O’Meara

  306. Dear Graham Spring,

    We have submitted our engineer’s report to the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

    Three and a half inches? Please give me the provenance of your measurement. I have heard at least five different measurements from the Department and at this stage it’s reached Groucho Marx proportions.

    Groucho had this brilliant, self-righteous rant which he would finish in an absolute frenzy of complete and utter certainty.

    “These are my principles!” he would thunder, like God Almighty Himself. “And if you don’t like them!” he would roar, before then trailing off, “well… I actually do have others…”

    3.5, 3.9, 4.9. Surely I’m wrong to suggest that this is being made up as we go along.

    We, in Fermoy Rowing Club, have begged for a scale model of the proposed rock ramp pass. We have beseeched the Department Engineer to release to the public an artist’s impression of his proposed replacement of the weir.

    (Once the historic and listed structure has been demolished.)

    The answer from Mr John O’Keeffe has always been along the lines of “Well, it really is a very complicated issue and I don’t want to confuse people by bringing in facts and figures.”

    He admitted in the Grand Hotel during the ludicrously titled “public consultation” that his drawings lacked measurements for height and were not to scale.

    Okay then. I’m hardly the smartest person in any room, but I do have the bare scrapings of a Leaving Cert so my questions are the same as I asked Mr O’Keeffe in the Grand Hotel two weeks ago.

    “Is the crest of the proposed new rock ramp pass a foot lower than the crest of the current weir?

    “Yes or no?

    “Will the crest of the proposed new rock ramp pass be crenellated, akin to the top of a sandcastle, by seven two-foot by two-foot gaps?

    “Yes or no?

    “Does water find its own level?

    “Yes or no?

    “If by Archimedes and common sense water finds its own level, then will the level of the river upstream of the new, lowered, structure be up to one metre lower?

    “Yes or no?”

    Sorry now to be so rude as to introduce logic or reason into an argument, but thanks Graham for your questions.

    Would you like to meet with us in Fermoy and have a chat over a cup of coffee? You could see our weir and maybe take a trip up the river. We are very passionate about our river, our town and especially our club, but you will find us, Graham, to be an especially civil and kind-hearted bunch of people.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Fermoy.

    Yours sincerely,

    Donal O’Keeffe,
    Hon. Secretary, Fermoy Rowing Club.

  307. I support it . Repair it . Don t destroy it

  308. Logic should take precedence over regulations.

  309. I thought there was fish pass on the weir. It would be a pity to take the

  310. Save the weir. I’ve even seen the salmon make it up the fast flowing 30 degree (or so) sloped part on the north side!


  312. Retain the weir. The alternatives to its destruction are eminently sensible!

  313. Fermoy weir must be preserved

  314. The weir is the heart of Fermoy. It just is not imaginable that it could be distroyed.

  315. The weir is a notable feature of the town, should not be destroyed without good reason!

  316. PLEASE keep the weir.

    I have been visiting Fermoy since 1960, I believe that there has been a weir at Fermoy for some 700 years, it’s destruction will bring no good, do damage and cost money that could be better applied in other far more worthwhile directions.

    If there is an ounce of common sense left amongst the political elite please dust it down and engage brain before acting in the destruction of a an example of the country’s heritage on the EU altar

  317. This would be a real shame if it goes ahead. The Fermoy regatta is one of the best on the calendar of Irish rowing and altering the weir in this manner would completely alter this.

    All possible alternatives should be debated further.

    Stafford Bagot

  318. Don’t disturb a stable habitat and ecosytem. Listen to the people who live in this town. not those in higher places.

  319. Sean Power TD of Kildare South is the minister responsible. His email address is


  320. I support Fermoy Rowing Club. I enjoyed their very well-run regattas as a student and have many happy memories of rowing this stretch of river, as had my father before me, Joe Farrell R.I.P. I call for this beautiful stretch of river to be saved for rowing.

  321. Keep the weir

  322. I visited Fermoy a couple years ago, and the weir is one of my favorite visual memories; it would be a shame to see it go. The local residents should have a say in this matter.

    Cris Guerra
    Washington, DC

  323. Save the weir and Fermoy Rowing Club

  324. Save the weir.

  325. Preserve Fermoy’s heritage.
    Preserve it’s rowing club.
    Preserve it’s weir

    Barry Drinan, Melbourne, Australia

  326. Save the Weir

    Jason Murtagh

  327. Why ‘fix’ something that is ‘not broken’. It is part of the heritage and beauty of Fermoy. Preserve and protect Fermoy weir for our future generations.

    Loretto Barry

  328. Save the weir!!!!

  329. Is this the clearest indication yet that bureaucracy is out of touch with reality?
    Preserve the weir, keep tradition and sport alive.

    Mark Butler
    Carrick on Shannon

  330. Water


  331. No Weir! No Way!
    You guy’s rock, people power my friends!
    I’ve been to Fermoy a few times over the years, visiting cousins. I used to jog by the river and through the fields often catching a glimpse of a rower or two on an early morning glide.
    To the “Bright House” in Dublin: Take your heads out of your ass and actualy visit Fermoy and see for yourselves the beauty you shall bewitch to a BEAST!
    I say to you: In the National interest (thats what you guys say, right!) and in the rational interest, not in the interest of a particular lobby group, you know the ones…with their socks half-way up their funny green pants.”Oh hello, how rrrr you!” Killnaskully isn’t far out, is it!
    People of Fermoy wake up, this isn’t about helping a few fish (who’s nature it is to jump several feet in the air over obstacles) get over the weir.
    Oh no a much bigger picture indeed, Men in suits who will don big boots to get what they want from you, moneyyyyyyyyyy!
    By the way unless there is an obesity problem amongst salmon stocks today, that I don’t know about, don’t they evolve with breeding to jumper higher if need be?

    New Hampshire

  332. Save th weir and do not ruin an amenity in the area.

  333. As a visitor to Fermoy last week ,I noticed your lovely structure but I did notice that the salmon couldn’t jump over the structure so I would recommend the structure should be altered to allow the salmon swim upstream and spawn.I’m sure if ye could alter the structure and put this recomendation to the officials ye can save the weir and the salmon stock will flurish.
    Regards Evi

  334. Save the Weir.

  335. Dear Minister why are the exact measurements for the proposed replacement available?
    Is it how that you do not know and are just hoping if you get your way it will turn out fine.
    Very soon this will be a country of no industry and will depend 99.999999% on Tourism so why are you bent on destroying what we have in Fermoy (I.m a Munster man not living in Fermoy but love to visit)
    both visually and in the area of Sport. PLEASE ADAPT do not DESTROY the Weir.

  336. It’s obvious that the preferred option is to repair rather than destroy the weir. No one denies that the free passage of all fish is essential, but equally this can be achieved by repair rather than destruction.
    Nobody to my knowledge has carried out an impact assessment on how the drainage systems and general hydrology would be affected if the weir were to be destroyed let alone the other recreational river activities.

  337. a webforum has been setup at this address for those wishing to discuss the weir project in depth

    the website can be found at

  338. Another hair brained idea supported by a ‘Green’ Minister. The destruction of the weir in Fermoy can’t be allowed to happen.

  339. Don’t kill Fermoy Rowing Club

  340. Please dont demolish the weir, amend it as necessary, but the club needs must be maintained.

  341. I believe the weir should be saved whatever the cost .

  342. As an ex rower in fermoy rowing club, i am fully supporting “save the weir”. just can’t understand why we have to fight to save it, when there are clearly aternative solutions, do the government gets kicks out of upsetting local clubs, people and towns. Come on fermoy, save the weir

  343. It seems that at least one sensible and viable alternative proposal is available to both correct the problems inherent in the present weir design, and resolve the growing problem of flooding in the town. I urge all involved, most particularly the Minister, to very carefully consider the available options before embarking on what might well be a costly and totally inappropriate exercise. Recent experiences on the Nore should provide valuable evidence of what might prove most practical.

  344. More blind following of EU Directives rather than local consultation and the use of common sense. This from a government that wants us to vote yes to Lisbon ? Let them know that if we cant row on the river they cant ride on the gravy train.

  345. As the son of an avid fisherman and oarsman I cannot see why the two sports cannot be accommodated. Please repair the weir, add the fish pass – simple.

    Paul O’Connor, Ecuador, South America

  346. Fermoy won’t be the same without the weir. Either leave it as it is, or fix it, but don’t destroy it.

  347. why tear down a weir that can be adapted to include a second fish pass?
    seems like a pretty pointless way to be spending money in a time when the economy so unstable.

  348. Dont take rowing away from the town of Fermoy. Save the weir.

  349. This proposal to demolish the weir at Fermoy is insane. Repair the weir and let the sport of rowing continue to flourish at Fermoy, as it has always done.

  350. Save the Weir.

  351. Save the weir. Its a great swimming amenity .

  352. There are so few rivers left where it is possible to swim and there is none as beautiful as the Blackwater in Fermoy.Please do not take this wonderful amenity away from us.

  353. fish gotta swim,birds gotta fly,ageing swimmers also.if its only slightly broke,then fix it.

  354. Please have some common sense and preserve the weir and river at Fermoy.
    This is a fantastic amenity for Fermoy, and the entire Irish rowing community.

  355. Save the weir. Preserve the all important leisure and sporting amenities, rowing and other water sports that make the Blackwater a vital part of Fermoy life.

  356. Save Fermoy Weir, Fermoy Rowing Club and the ongoing enjoyment of the people who enjoy this great environment.

    The people of Fermoy will be heard!

  357. Fágfaimid siúd mar atá sé!

  358. The proposed cahnges will destroy forever the beauty of Fermoy and the Blackwater. As a marathon swimmer, I cannot think of anywhere else in the country that is a safer, more accessable and more beautiful training spot. This is a fantastic facility that should never be taken away.

    The Blackwater Open-Water Swimmers are privilliged to have the use of this River and to enjoy such a great relationship with the Rowing Club and all of the clubs that use the River. Any of the participants of last year’s Martin Duggan Memorial Swim well tell you how impressed they were of this wonderfull river.

    Don not let these so called “civil servants” get away with taking this away from the people of Fermoy…

    Owen O’Keefe (EC 2009)

  359. SRFB are behind this, they bypassed a weir and historical mill in Portlaw Co Waterford

    They should hang their heads in shame and leave Fermoy weir alone – there is always an alternative and there is more to engineering than a bulldozer!!!

  360. Don’t let it happen !

    Michael Flynn
    Munich Germany.

  361. I wholeheartedly support this petition.

  362. Aera tell em to blow up glanworth. Save me having to drive through the place

  363. What is more important to the people of Fermoy-your lovely salmon that can’t swim upstream or your lovely structure,you have to decide.Also if the salmon can’t get passed the weir the european union will have to fine you.who is to be fined the governent or you the people of Fermoy? I urge you to work together to find a viable solution.Save the weir and the salmon stock-work together.

  364. The proposed plans to modify the Fermoy weir should indeed be changed. The current proposal strips the town of Fermoy of a sporting club, Fermoy Rowing Club, which has over a century of sporting success to its credit.

    The club has experienced success on a regional, national and international level and is an invaluable asset to the town and it’s community

    The future of Fermoy Rowing Club, the youth and community of Fermoy, rely on the resolution of a plan which will suit all river users. People and fish alike.

    Work together toward a logical solution that demonstrates thought, insight and respect for environmental and community affairs.

  365. Minister, you have the opportunity to conserve rather than destroy an important natural, social and sporting amenity for the people of Fermoy and their visitors from far and wide. Would the application of common sense be out of the question? Please give serious consideration to the alternatives,

  366. The River is a great natural amenity perfect for open water swimming throughout the year.To distroy the weir would end that era of swimming in the river.SAVE THE WEIR.

  367. save the weir

  368. Minister,

    Please save Fermoy Weir. The people of Fermoy have spoken and clearly want to keep our weir!

    The argument that the weir needs to be replaced in order to improve salmon stocks is Nonsense. Salmon have successfully made their way through the weir for very long time now. Any decrease in the stock is no doubt (at least partially) down to other factors.

    Examples exist all over the world where salmon successfully traverse much greater heights and distances through fish passes and ladders. For the money that would be wasted replacing the weir (and destroying the town in the process) I’m sure a solution could be found and even include extra benefits such as fish counting technology for the price! See the Pitlochry fish ladder in Scotland – just one example.

    Repairs to the existing fish pass and/or the inclusion of a new pass could ease the fish passage and save the centrepiece of the town and all of the amenities it provides.

  369. Save the fish! Save the weir! Save Barnane! Save the Rowing Club! Save the lot of it, surely it’s not beyond us to do that. Give me 350 grand and I’ll sort it.

  370. We all must save the Weir,all together !!!
    Make a petition and I will get it to the concerned Authorities in order to save the Weir and its Heritage !!!
    Why is World so Cruel these days !!!



  371. The weir must be saved and preserved. Anybody who could even consider removing it has no soul. It is very, very beautiful and the town would be much poorer without it. I can’t even imagine the town without it – they might as well tear down the bridge. Oops, don’t want to be giving them ideas.

  372. stop this madness!

  373. its such a valuable asset!

  374. would be such a loss to the rowing world

  375. How can such a decision be taken without consulting those with the most to lose ?
    This needs to be resisted.

  376. With some proper consultation we could make use of the flood works to create an even better amenity for the town.
    As a paddler myself I’m thinking ….
    a kayaking playspot ?

    Regardless it’s not as if this is like filling in a potlhole, the locals must be consulted here.That the beaureaucrats should go it alone on this cannot be tolerated!

  377. Don’t fail us in Fermoy, repair the weir and don’t make the same mistakes as other towns.

  378. I’m sure there are other options than having such a valuable landmark destroyed. Save the weir.

    JJ O’Leary
    Heidelberg, Germany

  379. I have many fond memories of skiny dipping in the river above the weir. If they get rid of the weir the people of Fermoy will get an eyeful. Never mind that I would have some parasite eel locking on to me. The whole idea is ridiculous, surely the money could be better spent elsewhere.

  380. Don’t destroy a fabulous asset in Fermoy that provides people with the ability to get out on the water, exercise & enjoy themselves.

    The Greens need to be given a dose of reality!

  381. It is always a sight to admire, salmon leaping up the steps of the weir. The Blackwater river is one of the town’s major tourist attractions – don’t do it!

    Ian – Fermoy

  382. Save the weir and save an amenity for future generations. Councillors, listen to what your people are requesting of you, you are here to serve.

  383. i really want to save the weir and save fermoy rowingclub.its a very silly idea of getting a rid of it

  384. Save the weir and Fermoy Rowing club

  385. The arguments outlined above say it all!!!

    Do the simple and wise thing and adjust the weir.

    Don’t destroy it!!

  386. Having grown up & spent the majority of my life in Fermoy it would be a crime against the people of Fermoy if this planned destruction were to go ahead. Repair it, SAVE IT.

  387. Save the Weir!!! Solidarity in rowing!

  388. Why destroy such a beautiful amenity.



    Save Fermoy Rowing Club.

  390. Don’t destroy this beautiful amenity!

    Save the weir.

  391. It is indeed rare that something manmade actually enhances the appearance of a river – especially a river as beautiful as the Blackwater. The weir and the salmon leap are Fermoy’s must unique landmarks. We can’t allow them to be destroyed.

  392. my family have lived in fermoy for centuries the o keeffe of emmert st. i spend many a summer holiday in fermoy when i was a kid and come every year with my kids since 1980’s. i hope it will be there for their kids. do not destroy the weir leave the weir along. will you wake up and listen to the people of fermoy.
    leave the weir alone

  393. save the weir

  394. In support of fermoy rowing club:

  395. Don’t demolish Fermoy Weir! I lived in Kilkenny for a while and as a kayaker saw up close the complete bags they made of it. Dont let this happen in Fermoy!

  396. Save the weir and preserve the rowing club; community organisations are vital to the social fabric of Ireland.

  397. I now live far away from my home in Fermoy. But I fondly remember my early years living by the river on Rathealy road, the creek of an oar rowing up to CastleHyde and later coaching younger crews from a bike on the riverbank. Or swimming with friends after work on summer evenings. Memories of walking hand in hand with my wife on Barnane walk or feeding the ducks by the bridge with my children immediately transport me back to the center of our town.
    It was with these thoughts fresh in my mind that I was delighted to see the people of Fermoy taking such an active interest in the town and its river during my recent visit this November. The chilly weather did not deter the proud people of Fermoy from organizing themselves to protect their town from a misguided attempt by outsiders to decide how their environment should be changed.
    I only hope that their servants in government will see fit to use good science and engineering to find the best solution to protect the heritage and provide future benefit for all the people of Fermoy and for those of us who can only visit from time to time.

    A proud son,
    Tadhg O’ Dwyer

  398. I’m not from Cork and just came across this by accident. I’m not surprised at the plans as those with power in this country seem intent on destroying our heritage and, for the past decade anyway, building ugly housing estates in their place.

  399. Good piece on page two of last Friday’s Irish Times.

    The Club Secretary is referred to as “it” at one point, unfairly, I feel.

    Note the quote from the Department spokeswoman: “A complaint was made to the EU Commission alleging that the weir at Fermoy, which is in a special area for conservation, is acting as a barrier to migrating salmon which are being injured and delayed in their attempts to migrate for spawning purposes.

    “This is in breach of the EU habitats directive, and failure to rectify the position will result in infringement proceedings and very significant fines being imposed on the State.”

    Contrast that to the answer supplied to Kathy Sinnott MEP by the Law Enforcement Section of the European Commission DG Environment.

    “(The EU) would not normally disclose a complaint itself (to ensure confidentiality of complaints). The complaint is in any case now closed, on the basis that the Irish authorities were addressing the issue.

    “The River Blackwater is a protected site under the Habitats Directive, 92/43/EEC, amongst other things for the conservation of salmon. Salmon need to be able to migrate along the river and to live and reproduce there.

    “The Irish authorities have themselves – independently of any complaint – formed the view that the weir is a barrier to salmon migration and are proposing to physically alter it to allow easier fish passage.

    “There is no European legislation that protects the weir as such. However, if there is a means of ensuring satisfactory fish passage and compliance with the Habitats Directive other than alteration of the weir, that is also acceptable.

    “This is one of those situations where a result must be achieved – satisfactory conditions for the salmon – but the Member State has a margin of discretion as to how best to achieve the result.

    “(T)here is no explicit threat except that, if there is a serious problem for the salmon, the Commission could potentially take – or be asked to take – enforcement action.

    “It is always unfortunate if one conservation goal (here biodiversity) causes conflict with another (retention of a historic structure). I hope a solution can be found which will reconcile the different interests involved.”

    As Deputy Sean Sherlock said in the Dail, (4/12/08,) “hiding behind the fallacy of a habitats directive is typical of a Government which has used the European Union when it wants to push through some bad proposals… the Southern Regional Fisheries Board is the main instigator and… is seeking to justify its position”.

    Big bad wolf indeed.

  400. I support the protection of Fermoy weir from destruction.

  401. Save our weir. Keep our amenities for future generations.

  402. How can the EU seek to destroy the main feature of Fermoy when the fish pass could be repaired. I’ve lived away from Fermoy for 40 years but every time I come back I walk Barnane and end up at the bridge and it’s lovely weir. It saddens me that the wishes of the people of Fermoy can be ignored.

  403. this can not be allowed to happen it would ruin the natural beauty of the river

  404. In the interest of maintaining a balanced view of the issue below is from the RTE news website. While I am opposed to the unsightly proposed changes the issue of the protection of Salmon stocks remains..

    No salmon caught as season opens
    Thursday, 1 January 2009 19:13

    No salmon were caught on the first day of the new fishing season, according to fisheries boards in Dublin and Donegal.

    The disappointing news is seen as a confirmation of the latest scientific findings that salmon stocks are at their lowest level since records began.

    The only two areas where fishing was permitted were the Liffey in Dublin and the Drowse in Donegal.

    As a result of the low stocks, a further 11 rivers have been closed for fishing.

    In Cork, the South Western Fisheries Board began the year with a plan to revive stocks on the River Lee.

  405. Careful, intelligent consideration is needed to preserve stocks (if necessary) AND preserve the weir’s status as a visual focal point in the town.

    There needs to be alternative planning!

  406. Robert, your comment is spot-on.

    Katie, your concern about fish stocks is entirely justified. We in Fermoy Rowing Club are not just concerned about our own survival as a sporting organisation. Rather, we care deeply as well about the weir’s aesthetic value to our beautiful river and its historical importance as the cornerstone of the modern town.

    We also are acutely aware of the greater ecology of the river. The Blackwater in Fermoy is the home of roach, dace and dippers, to pick a few species at random. Fresh-water mussells use the riverbed below the weir as a spawning ground and any disturbance would destroy their habitat.

    We in Fermoy Rowing Club have spent an awful lot of money (which we don’t actually have, but hey, that’s what the future is for, right?) on an alternative proposal.

    We engaged the services of the former engineering head of the then Department of the Marine. His plan was that the current weir be repaired and new fish passes be installed. This would leave the river upstream at its present height AND allow the safe passage of salmon.

    Common sense.

    The problem here is that the Department has settled upon a solution (a rock ramp pass) without thinking through the issue.

    The Sir Humphreys in the Department went on a junket two years ago to Germany to see these structures in action. Flushed, perhaps, with warm memories of first class travel and schapps paid for by the Irish tax-payer, they have been pushing the agenda ever since that Europe is standing by to punish this country with gigantic fines unless we do exactly what we’re told (by Europe, they’ve been claiming).

    However, and thanks to Kathy Sinnott MEP, we have discovered that as far as the EU is concerned, “The complaint is in any case now closed, on the basis that the Irish authorities were addressing the issue.

    “The River Blackwater is a protected site under the Habitats Directive, 92/43/EEC, amongst other things for the conservation of salmon. Salmon need to be able to migrate along the river and to live and reproduce there.

    “The Irish authorities have themselves – independently of any complaint – formed the view that the weir is a barrier to salmon migration and are proposing to physically alter it to allow easier fish passage.

    “There is no European legislation that protects the weir as such. However, if there is a means of ensuring satisfactory fish passage and compliance with the Habitats Directive other than alteration of the weir, that is also acceptable.

    “This is one of those situations where a result must be achieved – satisfactory conditions for the salmon – but the Member State has a margin of discretion as to how best to achieve the result.

    “[T]here is no explicit threat except that, if there is a serious problem for the salmon, the Commission could potentially take – or be asked to take – enforcement action.

    “It is always unfortunate if one conservation goal (here biodiversity) causes conflict with another (retention of a historic structure). [It is hoped that] a solution can be found which will reconcile the different interests involved.”

    Therefore the claim that Europe was standing by to slap daily fines of hundreds of thousands of euro on the Irish State is at the very best a gross distortion.

    As Deputy Sean Sherlock said in the Dail, (4/12/08,) “hiding behind the fallacy of a habitats directive is typical of a Government which has used the European Union when it wants to push through some bad proposals… the Southern Regional Fisheries Board is the main instigator and… is seeking to justify its position.”

    As has been said before, the SRFB seems to be working hand-in-glove with officials in the Department and they appear to be engaged in a crusade against weirs at a time when the British government is refurbishing weirs to harness them as a source of green energy. The irony here is that Eamon Ryan TD of the Green Party is the senior minister presiding over this.

    Sorry to repeat myself, but a fact remains a fact.



  407. down with this sort of thing!

  408. Save the weir, there is no point in destroying something for no reason. Typical officials with too much money and time on their hands

  409. I support the campaign to save Fermoy weir

  410. Save Fermoy weir!!

  411. I support the protection of Fermoy weir from destruction

  412. First prove there is a problem first instead of trying to fix something that may not be broken. It is also time to stand up to the bureaucrats. Next they will be insisting that we demolish our 700 year old castles along the Blackwater because they did not obtain planning permission

  413. Don’t destroy the weir when repair and an alternative fish pass will meet the requirements of the EU directive. Future generations should have the opportunity to appreciate the same vista and landscape that I enjoyed when growing up. Equally a rowing club that has benefited so many locals over the years should be supported by the elected representatives rather than effectively shut down. Shame on you Eamon Ryan – Fermoy’s heritage needs to be preserved.

  414. Save the Weir for Flip sake!!!!

  415. Why should locals have something forced upon them when they can provide an alternative???

  416. It is a disgrace that removing the weir, reducing water levels and in turn destroying one of the most successful rowing clubs in the country is even an option.

    Repair the weir and save the Rowing club

  417. Save the weir. Everyone knows that politicians lose their sense of sanity once elected. It is up to the people of Fermoy to decide to keep their weir.

  418. “Seascapes” on RTE Radio One featured a piece on Fermoy weir last Monday night. Paul Kavanagh, Danny Higgins and I spoke with Marcus Connaughton about our difficulties with the proposed work on the weir.

    Listen back by going to and scroll down to “Blackwater Problems”. Click on the link.

  419. I support the saving of Fermoy Weir

  420. Keep up the good work Donal, Kav, Danny and all the gang we support you from near and far.

  421. will the politicans of fermoy ever get anything right?? listen to the people and leave the weir alone… save fermoy weir…….

  422. Ye’ve got my vote boys, best of luck with it.

  423. Minister,
    As a descendant of the Fermoy Dennehy clan, I respectfully demand that a heritage-saving solution be implemented instead of the unthought, wanton destruction planned.
    Given that there is an economical, detailed alternative and townspeople committed to its success, it would be height of arrogance to continue down the path that is proposed.
    Fight on.

    from Venice, CA

  424. Minister,

    Where a viable alternative to tearing up a town exists it should be pursued.


  425. Minister,

    Save the weir in Fermoy. Do not take the easy route of just ripping it down. you have the power to re-evaluate what needs to be done, and consult with local knowledge.
    Repair and upgrade. Don’t destroy.

  426. Please forward the notice below to anyone you might think would be interested. Minister Gormley has refused today to meet with us on Friday the 20th of February 2009 as he is advised by the Department of Communications that such a meeting would be “inappropriate”.

    The irony is that the Minister is in Fermoy to launch a document on the Heritage of North Cork at the same time his Green colleague is presiding over a plan to destroy our weir.

    We need your help.




    The proposed demolition of the weir has not gone away. In fact, sources in Leinster House say the threat is now more real than ever.

    This Friday the Leader of the Green Party and Minister for the Environment Mr John Gromley TD is scheduled to launch his Department’s document on the HERITAGE OF NORTH CORK at Fermoy Town Hall at 5.00pm.

    We need your help – please join us at 4.20pm for our peaceful protest from Fermoy Rowing Club to Fermoy Town Hall.

    There has been a weir on the Blackwater in Fermoy since 1160. John Anderson built the modern town around the millrace and the bridge. It is critical that Mr Gormley understands that


    His colleague in Government, Minister Eamon Ryan, cannot be allowed to destroy the weir and Fermoy’s Rowing Club in a costly, needless and utterly reckless act of vandalism. There is a safer, cheaper and better solution on offer: repair the weir and, if necessary, add new fish passes.

    We are a volunteer club with limited resources. Please please help us to preserve the Rowing Club and the Heritage of Fermoy for future generations.

    Join us at Fermoy Rowing Club at 4.20pm Friday 20 February, 2009.

  427. Addendum:

    I spoke with Senator Dan Boyle, Chairman of the Green Party, last night and I relayed to him the statement received from the DG Environment of the EU by our good friend Kathy Sinnott MEP.

    Please see the same below.

    Dear Dan,

    I reproduce below information received by Kathy Sinnott MEP from the European Commission DG Environment, Law Enforcement Section (17/12/08). She had asked whether there had been a complaint to Europe at all and if so, as claimed by the Department, the EU was indeed preparing to fine Ireland (variously claimed to be hundreds of thousands of Euro and tens of millions) for breaching the Habitats Directive by allowing Fermoy weir to fall into disrepair and to thus pose an obstacle to the safe passage of migratory salmon.

    “[The EU] would not normally disclose a complaint itself (to ensure confidentiality of complaints). The complaint is in any case now closed, on the basis that the Irish authorities were addressing the issue.

    “The River Blackwater is a protected site under the Habitats Directive, 92/43/EEC, amongst other things for the conservation of salmon. Salmon need to be able to migrate along the river and to live and reproduce there.

    “The Irish authorities have themselves – independently of any complaint – formed the view that the weir is a barrier to salmon migration and are proposing to physically alter it to allow easier fish passage.

    “There is no European legislation that protects the weir as such. However, if there is a means of ensuring satisfactory fish passage and compliance with the Habitats Directive other than alteration of the weir, that is also acceptable.

    “This is one of those situations where a result must be achieved – satisfactory conditions for the salmon – but the Member State has a margin of discretion as to how best to achieve the result.

    “[T]here is no explicit threat except that, if there is a serious problem for the salmon, the Commission could potentially take – or be asked to take – enforcement action.

    “It is always unfortunate if one conservation goal (here biodiversity) causes conflict with another (retention of a historic structure). [It is to be hoped that] a solution can be found which will reconcile the different interests involved.*”

    So the claim that Europe is standing by to slap daily fines of hundreds of thousands of euro on the State is at the very best a gross distortion.

    Deputy Sean Sherlock claimed in the Dail (4/12/08) “hiding behind the fallacy of a habitats directive is typical of a Government which has used the European Union when it wants to push through some bad proposals… the Southern Regional Fisheries Board is the main instigator and… is seeking to justify its position.”

    The SRFB seems to be working hand-in-glove with officials in the Department and they appear to be engaged in a crusade against weirs at a time when the British government is refurbishing disused weirs and mills to harness them as a source of green energy.

    Thanks again for your support.



    (* My only edits are to replace the words “We”, “No, there…” and “I hope”.)

    And to be fair to Dan, he has always been an honest broker for us and he has facilitated a number of meetings with senior officials and party members.

    His reaction seemed to be one of genuine surprise and he promised that he would convey this information to Eamon Ryan at the first chance he got.

    One member of the Green Party called this information “a game changer” today.

    After all, this entire agenda has been powered forward on the supposition that Ireland faced economic ruination if the EU didn’t get their pound of fish.

    Turns out, of course, that we were more than capable of finding economic ruination all on our own, without any external help at all, at all.

    There’s an old saying that a democracy gets the politicians it deserves. We can’t be THAT bad, can we?


  428. Save Fermoy Weir!

  429. Only green when it suits! Save the weir, how can they justify wiping out something that has been there for hundreds of years. Then again remember the hill of Tara!

  430. THe weir is synonymous with fermoy, to destroy it would be criminal!!!

  431. no hope for the banks save the weir and show them how to save money

  432. Good Luck with your campaign. As chairman of FISH (Fishermen’s Inshore Saltwater Heritage Ltd) and we’ve been battling with the destroyers of the natural and built heritage for years.
    There are enough people in Ireland who care about issues, both local and national. May the power be returned to the people. The TD’s need to be reminded that they are civil servants, servants of the taxpayers who employ them,.

  433. Save the weir !!!

  434. !00% support to the saving of the weir

  435. Please save Fermoy Weir. The people of Fermoy have spoken and clearly want to keep our weir!

  436. Very good piece in Monday’s Irish Times. They got my name wrong, but what do I care? If there isn’t a photo in the Examiner my Mam doesn’t recognise it as news anyway…

    Also, this is the letter I wrote to The Avondhu about our meeting with Minister John Gormley.

    Dear Sir,

    On behalf of Fermoy Rowing Club I would like to to express our gratitude to some very important people.

    When the leader of the Green Party and Minister of the Environment John Gormley TD was advised by officials in the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources that it would be “inappropriate” for him to meet with us at last Friday’s book launch in Fermoy Town Hall, we felt that we had no option but to protest.

    A few hundred people, Rowing Club members some of them but more of them not, turned out and waited for over an hour to express their disappointment. Several other clubs sent representatives. Fermoy Town and District Angling Club presented their own letter of protest.

    Our own very youngest members did a truly amazing job of quite literally spelling out their message to the Minister. And as always, Fermoy Gardai helped to maintain a jovial and pleasant atmosphere with their usual friendly and low-key style.

    Seeing the resolve of the people of Fermoy and listening to the counsel of Green candidate Adam Douglas, Minister Gormley later acceeded to a meeting with members of Fermoy Rowing Club. This was facilitated by the Deputy Mayor of Cork County Council, Aileen Pyne, and the Mayor of Fermoy Town Council, Tadgh O’Donovan.

    The Minister listened to our concerns and expressed his hope that a sensible solution could be reached. We told him that there was a certain irony that he was in Fermoy to launch a book celebrating the architectural heritage of North Cork at the same time his own Green colleague, Eamon Ryan TD, is presiding over a plan which will radically damage the oldest structure in Fermoy.

    Our real hope for meeting with him, we assured the Minister, was that he would walk along the quays of Fermoy and see the beauty of the Blackwater, meet with the junior members of Fermoy Rowing Club and understand just what is at stake. Minister Gormley then gave, in his own words, “a solemn undertaking” that he would do just that in “the very near future”.

    He expressed his surprise at our assertion that while the Rock Ramp Pass agenda has been pushed forward on the claim (p2 Irish Times 19/12/08) that the EU is planning “infringement proceedings and very significant fines being imposed on the State”, Kathy Sinnott MEP has discovered that there is no explicit threat at all coming from Europe. He promised that he will ask his own people in Europe to look into this.

    We furnished the Minister with all of our correspondence from the EU and a copy of a report from the Cork County Archaeologist’s office. This states strong disquiet that there has been neither an Archaeological Survey of the weir or an Environmental Impact Study of the catastrophic damage to the habitats of several endangered species on the Blackwater which woul likely result from any lowering of the river.

    The Minister promised that he will discuss these matters with Minister Eamon Ryan as a matter of urgency. This is progress. We are grateful to Mr Gormley for his time but more importantly we are yet again delighted and humbled by the overwhelming support of the anything-but-ordinary people of Fermoy.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Donal O’Keeffe
    Hon. Secretary, Fermoy Rowing Club

  437. Save the weir.

    Dublin (former Fermouite)

  438. Keep the Weir – save the money it will take to demolish it – wonder why we have a recession with this type of work going on!

  439. I fully support the campaign to save the weir.

  440. some of the best days, nights and weekends have been at or with the fermoy rowing club. the though of going home at not be able to visit, is hard to fathom. save the weir and save fermoy rowing club………………………………..

  441. Common Sense. Economic Sense.
    Keep the Weir.

  442. Save Fermoy weir. we are not protesting for nothing! just fix it dont knock it!!

  443. leave the weir alone and do as the people suggest.

  444. Hi To All,

    Please don’t destroy what nature intended to be there. Especially the ducks that children go to feed on a sunny day… Please take time out to let the families continue to feed ducks & enjoy the beauty of the Blackwater as it is with their children.
    Don’t Destroy, Employ – People To Fix It

  445. I can think of no other country in Europe where the unelected never-seen pencil-pushers would so easily and thoughtlessly devise a proposal such as this. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious!

    As an historian and member of the Historic Monuments Committee of Cork County Council (established under the 1932 National Monuments Act), I must state that saving Fermoy weir is not just about Fermoy’s heritage, it is about saving part of the national heritage. It is a monument (in the meaning of the National Monuments and Heritage Acts) of historical and archaeological importance. It has considerable cultural and environmental value. Its removal would have detrimental consequences for the entire heritage of the Blackwater river, not just Fermoy. These are primary reasons for opposing its removal. Don’t underestimate the importance of heritage and the role of European legislation in helping to protect it.

    Leaving those important issues aside, I lived in Fermoy in the 1980s. Business and family reasons cause me to visit the town about five days of every week. The idea of removing the weir has to be regarded with horror.

    Save the weir – of course! To do otherwise would be to give in to those insane people who think that everything must make way for ‘progress!’

  446. Absolutely save the weir! Blind application of rules where regulation is unnecessary is antipathetic to good governance. Just a little common sense please. Fermoy has such potential now that it’s no longer overrun with traffic. A lot of this potential can be realised on/by its calm water. Please don’t take that away!

  447. Save the Weir.

  448. Keep up the good work. I hope that common sence wins out in the end.
    Dave Phelan

  449. There are so many better things the government’s money could be spent on than destroying Fermoy’s most famous landmark.

  450. We have just returned from the regatta at the wonderful Fermoy Rowing Club.
    Such dedication from all those involved, the many clubs and towns represented, such fun had, hard work done and such team spirit and dedication instilled in our young ones.
    I witnessed laughter and tears on the water! This is humanity at its purest, this is what we strive for.
    Any interference in this fantastic amenity is insanity and evidently against the better judgement of people generally.
    Government cost concerns and blind progress cannot be tolerated here, there is far too much to lose. Especially when considered that the weir is of historic importance AND there are many ways of helping fish upstream that have been achieved in more challenging situations.


    Owen McCabe

  451. Save the weir

  452. Save the weir.

  453. Dont destroy it… restore it!

  454. Save the weir – it is one of the most beautiful sights in Fermoy.

    Save the rowing club – it has provided an invaluable service to several generations of the town’s young people and can continue to do so.

    Isobel King
    Wellington, New Zealand

  455. Dont let the bastards grind you down. Keep up the good work lads.

    • Thanks Bob. Literary reference appreciated.

      You’d be a good man to stir it when we’re all chained together along the weir…

  456. Stop this madness, Fermoy weir is a beautiful and historic monument that must be preserved.

  457. Paul, Donal, Ken et al,

    You are a credit to Fermoy and the rowing club, thanks for taking up the cause on behalf of all of us. Times are hard enough at the moment without taking on all the pressures involved. I for one am very grateful for all your efforts.

    • You’re not getting off the hook that easily!

      We owe Colin a huge debt of gratitude for all his work setting up this site. Best of luck with the new venture.

      – Donal.

  458. Save Fermoy weir. It is a beautiful and historic monument that deserves to stay in this world.

  459. Save the Weir, it is the most beautiful part of the town and it would be a sin to destroy it.

  460. Great website. Well done. Keep up the fight to save the weir.

    Paul O’Keeffe
    Mae Sot

  461. Save the Weir

  462. Save the weir!! Do not take the weir!!

  463. Ive been course fishing in Fermoy for nearly 40 years,the weir is a beautiful part of the town it would be a crime to destroy it.Every year when I come to Fermoy the first thing I do is look over the bridge at the weir,to destroy it would be to take the heart out of Fermoy

  464. I have a vivid memory of the weir as it was when I saw it over 75 years ago. It was the first thing I went to see when I finally returned to Fermoy some four years ago. Unbelievable ! It was even better than I remembered ! Why destroy such a magnificent structure which for many is the outstanding feature of Fermoy ? It would tear the heart out of the town !

  465. Altering the weir will reduce the level of water in the river and adversly affect the Rowing Club -after 125 years in existence a great outlet for healthy activity for youth in the Town -Alter + repair it ok for more effective fish passage but no radical changes that cause river levels to drop -the levels in high Summer can be quite low in some places and would prevent boats passing upstream

  466. do not destroy the weir .it costs €3,000,000[€3million]to knock down the weir and it only costs €350,000 to repair it .i am also in the rowing club and i think everybody in the rowing club supports this petition.

  467. To destroy the weir would be a thundering disgrace.

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