Posted by: fermoyweir | October 24, 2010


Responding to all the hype and questions that still hang over the weir in Fermoy, the topic was again up for discussion at the town council meeting on Tuesday night last. Manager, Michael Cremin confirmed that the council had written back to the minister acknowledging his letter.

In relation to the fish pass, a template design has been done and has gone to consultants acting of behalf of OPW. Cllr John Murphy said he thought that the Fermoy Rowing Club would be involved as they are, “The main players who highlighted the issues with the weir.”

Michael Cremin responded saying that the main players are the townspeople. However, he is happy to sit with representatives of Fermoy Rowing Club but only in a positive manner.

Cllr Tadhg O’Donovan agreed that the community at large are the main players. However, in the interest of common sense, he added, “At some stage there should be public consultation to inform the public of developments to allay any fears or anxieties.”

Cllr Pa O’Driscoll added that he was, “Glad that we have a date when the fish pass will be repaired.”

He added, “ Work will be undertaken by the OPW so it will be to a high standard.”

Cllr Seamus Coleman agreed that it was good that the process is underway and said, “We are looking at the first quarter of 2011, which is great.”

The Avondhu 21/10/10


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